Waveguide-Based Differentially Fed Dual-Polarized Magnetoelectric Dipole Antennas

  title={Waveguide-Based Differentially Fed Dual-Polarized Magnetoelectric Dipole Antennas},
  author={Zi Long Ma and Chi Hou Chan},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation},
This paper proposes a concept of waveguide-based dual-polarized magnetoelectric (ME) dipole antenna. Based on this concept, two antenna designs with rectangular and triangular-shaped E-dipoles are studied and presented. The former is differentially fed by $four$ probes and the latter by a turnstile junction orthomode transducer feed. Using 3-D printing technique, the corresponding prototypes are fabricated for demonstration. Experimental results show that the rectangular-shaped E-dipole… CONTINUE READING