Wavefront-correction for nearly diffraction-limited focusing of dual-color laser beams to high intensities.

  title={Wavefront-correction for nearly diffraction-limited focusing of dual-color laser beams to high intensities.},
  author={Baozhen Zhao and Jun Zhang and Shouyuan Chen and Cheng Liu and G Golovin and Sudeep Banerjee and Kevin John Brown and Jared B. Mills and Chad Petersen and D Umstadter},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={22 22},
We demonstrate wavefront correction of terawatt-peak-power laser beams at two distinct and well-separated wavelengths. Simultaneous near diffraction-limited focusability is achieved for both the fundamental (800 nm) and second harmonic (400 nm) of Ti:sapphire-amplified laser light. By comparing the relative effectiveness of various correction loops, the optimal ones are found. Simultaneous correction of both beams of different color relies on the linear proportionality between their wavefront… CONTINUE READING

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