Wave equation for the Wu black hole

  title={Wave equation for the Wu black hole},
  author={Tolga Birkandan and Mirjam Cveti{\vc}},
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A bstractWu black hole is the most general solution of maximally supersymmetric gauged supergravity in D=5, containing U(1)3 gauge symmetry. We study the separability of the massless Klein-Gordon equation and probe its singularities for a general stationary, axisymmetric metric with orthogonal transitivity, and apply the results to the Wu black hole solution. We start with the zero azimuthal-angle eigenvalues in the scalar field Ansatz and find that the residuum of a pole in the radial equation… 
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Most of the theoretical physics known today is described by using a small number of differential equations. For linear systems, different forms of the hypergeometric or the confluent hypergeometric
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We consider a general charged, rotating black hole in five-dimensional STU supergravity, and show that its six-dimensional Kaluza–Klein lift admits a Killing–Yano 3-form with torsion. This underlies
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We study the massless Klein–Gordon equation in the background of the most general rotating dyonic anti-de Sitter black hole in  = 2 ?> , U ( 1 ) 2 ?> supergravity in D = 4, originally presented by


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Entropy of nonextreme charged rotating black holes in string theory.
  • CvetićYoum
  • Physics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
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The explicit expression for four-dimensional rotating charged black hole solutions of N=4 (or N=8) superstring vacua, parameterized by the ADM mass, four charges, and the angular momentum and the asymptotic values of four toroidal moduli of two-torus and the dilaton-axion field are given.
General nonextremal rotating black holes in minimal five-dimensional gauged supergravity.
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