Wave constraints for Titan ’ s Jingpo Lacus and Kraken Mare from VIMS specular reflection lightcurves

  title={Wave constraints for Titan ’ s Jingpo Lacus and Kraken Mare from VIMS specular reflection lightcurves},
  author={Jason W. Barnes and Jason M. Soderblomb and Robert H. Brown and Laurence A. Soderblom and K. Stephan and Ralf Jaumann and St{\'e}phane Le Mou{\'e}lic and S{\'e}bastien Rodriguez and Christophe Sotin and Bonnie J. Buratti and Kevin H. Baines and Roger N. Clark and Philip D. Nicholson},
Stephan et al. (Stephan, K. et al. [2010]. Geophys. Res. Lett. 37, 7104–+.) first saw the glint of sunlight specularly reflected off of Titan’s lakes. We develop a quantitative model for analyzing the photometric lightcurve generated during a flyby in which the specularly reflected light flux depends on the fraction of the solar specular footprint that is covered by liquid. We allow for surface waves that spread out the geographic specular intensity distribution. Applying the model to the VIMS… CONTINUE READING


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