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Wave Digital Filter Adaptors for Arbitrary Topologies and Multiport Linear Elements

  title={Wave Digital Filter Adaptors for Arbitrary Topologies and Multiport Linear Elements},
  author={Kurt James Werner and Julius Orion Smith and Jonathan S. Abel},
We present a Modified-Nodal-Analysis-derived method for developing Wave Digital Filter (WDF) adaptors corresponding to complicated (non-series/parallel) topologies that may include multiport linear elements (e.g. controlled sources and transformers). A second method resolves noncomputable (non-tree-like) arrangements of series/parallel adaptors. As with the familiar 3-port series and parallel adaptors, one port of each derived adaptor may be rendered reflection-free, making it acceptable for… 

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  • M. Karjalainen
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    IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing
  • 2008
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