WatsonPaths: Scenario-Based Question Answering and Inference over Unstructured Information


We present WatsonPaths TM , a novel system that can answer scenario-based questions, for example medical questions that present a patient summary and ask for the most likely diagnosis or most appropriate treatment. WatsonPaths builds on the IBM Watson TM question answering system that takes natural language questions as input and produces precise answers along with accurate confidences as output. WatsonPaths breaks down the input scenario into individual pieces of information, asks relevant subquestions of Watson to conclude new information, and represents these results in a graphical model. Probabilistic inference is performed over the graph to conclude the answer. On a set of medical test preparation questions, WatsonPaths shows a significant improvement in accuracy over the base Watson QA system. We also describe how WatsonPaths can be used in a collaborative application to help users reason about complex scenarios.

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