Watery diarrhoea with a vasoactive intestinal peptide-producing ganglioneuroblastoma.

  title={Watery diarrhoea with a vasoactive intestinal peptide-producing ganglioneuroblastoma.},
  author={Yuko Iida and Osamu Nose and Hideaki Kai and Atsuya Okada and Toru Mori and Peter K. W. Lee and Kennichi Kakudo and Noboru Yanaihara},
  journal={Archives of disease in childhood},
  volume={55 12},
An 8-month-old boy with persistent watery diarrhoea and failure to thrive developed abdominal distension, hypokalaemia, and flushing of the face and trunk. A high concentration of vasoactive intestinal peptide-like immunoreactivity was found in the serum. Soon after resection of a suprarenal mass, the serum level of vasoactive intestinal peptide became normal and the diarrhoea stopped. Histologically the tumour was a ganglioneuroblastoma: the cells showed fluorescence by the indirect… CONTINUE READING

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