Water-soluble red pigments from Isaria farinosa and structural characterization of the main colored component.

  title={Water-soluble red pigments from Isaria farinosa and structural characterization of the main colored component.},
  author={Palanivel Velmurugan and Yong Hoon Lee and Kuppanan Nanthakumar and Seralathan Kamala-Kannan and Laurent Dufoss{\'e} and Sameer A. S. Mapari and B. Y. Oh},
  journal={Journal of basic microbiology},
  volume={50 6},
The present study describes the red pigment synthesized by the filamentous fungi Isaria farinosa under submerged culture conditions. The pigment production was optimal under the following conditions: pH 5, agitation speed 150 rpm, temperature 27 °C, incubation time 192 h, light source total darkness, sucrose and glucose as carbon source, yeast extract, meat peptone and monosodium glutamate at a fixed concentration of 3% as nitrogen source. The addition of 10 mM CaCl₂ to the culture medium… CONTINUE READING
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