Water-soluble N -substituted Chitosan Derivative

  title={Water-soluble N -substituted Chitosan Derivative},
  author={Le Dung and Dt Thien and Nt Dong and Tty Nhi and Nt An and Marguerite Rinaudo and Michel Milas},
Many water-soluble N -substituted chitosan derivatives have been prepared having the typical -NH-CH 2 - linkage. Both the Michael reaction and alkylation with monochloroacetic acid at pH 8 - 8.5 offer relatively simple ways for their synthesis. Keywords: N-carboxymethyl chitosan; N-dicarboxymethyl chitosan; N-carboxyethyl chitosan; N-carboxybutyl chitosan; N-trimethyl chitosan; 5-methylpyrolidinone chitosan AJSTD Vol.22(3) pp.261-270 (2005)