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Water quality in hydroameliorated agricultural areas.

  title={Water quality in hydroameliorated agricultural areas.},
  author={Ivan {\vS}imuni{\'c} and Palma Orlovi{\'c}-Leko and Tanja Likso and Vilim Filipovi{\'c} and Tatiana M. Minkina},
Three-year investigations (2007-2009) of water quality in hydroameliorated agricultural areas were carried out at the experimental amelioration field “Jelenscak” Kutina, on hydroameliorated Gleyic Podzoluvisol. Soil was drained in four different drainpipe spacing variants (15 m, 20 m, 25 m and 30 m), set up in four replications. The areas of spacing variants were: 1425 m2, 1900 m2, 2375 m2 and 2850 m2. The same crop was grown in each research year in all variants and the same agricultural… 
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