Water-mediated Desymmetrization Reactions

  title={Water-mediated Desymmetrization Reactions},
  author={S. Niwayama},
The development of environmentally friendly organic reactions has been of central importance in synthetic organic chemistry. As water is among the most environmentally friendly solvents, watermediated organic reactions thus represent a typical “green chemistry.” Among various synthetic conversions, desymmetrization of symmetric compounds is one of the most cost-effective reactions, because the starting symmetric compounds are typically obtained on a large scale from inexpensive sources, or are… Expand


Cycloisomerization versus hydration reactions in aqueous media: a Au(III)-NHC catalyst that makes the difference.
A novel water-soluble Au(III)-NHC complex has been synthesized and successfully applied in the intramolecular cyclization of γ-alkynoic acids into enol-lactones under biphasic toluene/waterExpand
Influence of co-solvents in the highly efficient selective monohydrolysis of a symmetric diester
Abstract The influence of the co-solvents in the selective monohydrolysis of a symmetric diester, in an aqueous NaOH medium at 0 °C, has been examined. The reactions were found to proceed throughExpand
Facile evolution of asymmetric organocatalysts in water assisted by surfactant brønsted acids
Abstract Simple mixing of chiral amines and surfactant Bronsted acids such as p-dodecyl benzenesulfonic acid (DBSA) leads to highly effective and selective organocatalysts in water. The in situExpand
Enzymes in organic synthesis: remarkable influence of a π system on the enantioselectivity in PPL catalysed monohydrolysis of 2-substituted 1,3-diacetoxypropanes.
Abstract The results of PPL catalysed monohydrolysis of a series of 2-substituted-1,3-diacetoxypropanes showed that alkinyl and ( E ) alkenyl substituents led to improvement of yield andExpand
Practical large scale synthesis of half-esters of malonic acid.
A practical large-scale synthesis of monomethyl malonate and monoethylmalonate is described, applying the highly efficient selective monohydrolysis of symmetric diesters, and the synthetic utility of this reaction in process chemistry is expected. Expand
Highly Efficient and Practical Selective Monohydrolysis of Symmetric Diesters: Recent Progress and Scope
Half-esters are very important synthetic building blocks. They are commonly prepared by monohydrolysis of symmetric diesters. However, successful distinction of the two identical ester groups hasExpand
A broadly applicable and practical oligomeric (salen) Co catalyst for enantioselective epoxide ring-opening reactions.
The favorable solubility properties of complex 4a under the catalytic conditions facilitated mechanistic studies, allowing elucidation of the basis for the beneficial effect of oligomerization. Expand
Chiral magnesium(II)-catalyzed asymmetric ring-opening of meso-aziridines with primary alcohols.
The asymmetric ring-opening of meso-aziridines with primary alcohols is realized using an N,N'-dioxide-Mg(OTf)2 complex as the catalyst in good yields and enantioselectivities. Expand
A simple method for desymmetrizing 1,1′-ferrocenedicarboxaldehyde
Abstract A simple chromatography-free method for desymmetrizing ferrocene is described starting from the readily available dialdehyde. Oxidation of 1,1′-ferrocenedicarboxaldehyde in aExpand
Enzyme catalyzed monohydrolysis of 2-aryl-1 3-propanediol diacetates. A study of structural effects of the aryl moiety on the enantioselectivity
Abstract PPL catalyzed monohydrolysis of 2-aryl substituted 13-propanediol diacetates afforded the corresponding monoacetates in acceptable to fair chemical and optical yields. Electronic effects inExpand