Water disinfection using moringa protein adsorbed on rice husk ash

  title={Water disinfection using moringa protein adsorbed on rice husk ash},
  author={John Raymond Barajas and Jana Shatri Latayan and Sheree Pagsuyoin and Florinda T. Bacani and Joost R. Santos and Raymond R. Tan and Aileen H. Orbecido and Luis F. Razon and Michelle Almendrala},
  journal={2016 IEEE Systems and Information Engineering Design Symposium (SIEDS)},
Untreated surface water and groundwater are the primary sources of drinking water in many parts of the world, particularly in low-income regions. In these communities, the availability of low-cost water treatment technologies is especially critical in reducing incidences of waterborne diseases. In the present study, we explore the use of Moringa seeds for disinfecting contaminated water. Moringa seeds are known to contain proteins that have antibacterial and coagulant properties; however, the… CONTINUE READING