• Materials Science
  • Published 2010

Water-conducting domestic appliance, particularly dishwasher

  title={Water-conducting domestic appliance, particularly dishwasher},
  author={Claus Amann and Johannes B{\"u}sing and Javier Purroy and Manfred Seessle and Wilhelm Thibaut},
The invention relates to a water-conducting domestic appliance, particularly a dishwasher, with a hydraulic circuit in which rinsing liquid is circulated, and a filter device (17) comprising a filter element (15) with at least one filter aperture (19) for the passage of rinsing liquid, wherein the filter opening (19) from a filter to the opening (19) encircling inner wall (27) is limited. According to the invention, at least between an upstream and a downstream wall portion (43, 45) of the… CONTINUE READING