Water column anoxia : vertical zonation of planktonic protozoa

  title={Water column anoxia : vertical zonation of planktonic protozoa},
  author={' LisbetD.ristensenTomenchel},
  • Lisbet D. r is tensen Tom enchel '
  • Published 2006
The vertical zonation of planktonic protozoa was studied in 2 Danish eutrophic fjords at localities with an anoxic layer of bottom-water. Three distinct assemblages of protozoa are found. The fully oxygenated surface waters harbour a typical ciliate-plankton assemblage dominated by tintinnids and other oligotrichs in addition to various gymnostome ciliates. Heterotrophic flagellates totally dominate as bacterivores. In the oxycline a quite different group of clliates occur; it 1s dominated by… CONTINUE READING


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