Water buffalo as sentinel animals for schistosomiasis surveillance

  title={Water buffalo as sentinel animals for schistosomiasis surveillance},
  author={Jose Ma M Angeles and Lydia R Leonardo and Yasuyuki Goto and Masashi Kirinoki and Elena Andino Villacorte and Hassan Firdaus Hakimi and Kharleezelle J. Moendeg and Seungyeon Lee and Pilarita T. Rivera and Noboru Inoue and Yuichi Chigusa and Shin-ichiro Kawazu},
  booktitle={Bulletin of the World Health Organization},
Introduction About 75% of human pathogens are zoonotic, meaning that they are communicated from animals to humans. (1) Schistosomiasis is a zoonotic disease with a complex transmission cycle involving aquatic snails and least 40 species of mammals, which serve as reservoir hosts. Worldwide, more than 700 million people are at risk of schistosomiasis and over 240 million people are infected with the parasite. (2) Schistosomiasis has been eliminated in Japan and the coastal plains of China by a… CONTINUE READING

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