Water and sediment quality in a tropical swamp used for agricultural and oil refining activities

  title={Water and sediment quality in a tropical swamp used for agricultural and oil refining activities},
  author={Wendy Norville and Darryl Ricardo Banjoo},
  journal={Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A},
  pages={149 - 156}
  • Wendy Norville, D. Banjoo
  • Published 1 January 2011
  • Environmental Science
  • Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A
The Godineau Swamp in Trinidad receives anthropogenic input from agricultural and oil refining activities, sewage and domestic waste. This study was conducted in order to provide a comprehensive baseline dataset for the swamp, to assess water and sediment quality in the swamp, and to identify hotspots and possible sources of pollutants to the swamp. Ten sampling stations were established in the swamp during April/May and July 2002. Water quality parameters monitored included physicochemical… 
Metals in sediments and mangrove oysters (Crassostrea rhizophorae) from the Caroni Swamp, Trinidad
Information from this study is vital for managing the Caroni Swamp, safeguarding the health of consumers of shellfish on this Caribbean island and serving as a useful baseline for future local and regional risk assessments.
Equilibrio ambiental, extracción petrolera y riesgo de desastres en el oleoducto transandino colombiano
El equilibrio ambiental y el riesgo en la zona de la cuenca geológica Caguán-Putumayo con actividades de exploración, extracción y transporte de petróleo es el tema central de la revisión reportada.


Spatial distribution of heavy metals in sediments from the Gulf of Paria, Trinidad.
The Gulf of Paria receives heavy metal input from urban runoff, industrial and agricultural activity, sewage and domestic wastes: both from the west coast and from inland areas of Trinidad.
Seasonal variations in concentrations and fluxes of dissolved organic and inorganic materials in a tropical, tidally-dominated, mangrove waterway
There was no apparent seasonal variation in the direction or magnitude of net fluxes, and, integrating over a year, all components showed very small and negligible net transport to or from the system, except for total dissolved P which showed a net annual import amounting to 24 % of net forest primary production requirements.
Retroactive determination of industrial contaminants in tropical marine communities
Metal Pollution in the Aquatic Environment
This significant book provides not only an introduction to the dynamics of aquatic chem istries but also identifies those materials that jeopardize the resources of both the marine and fluvial domains.