Water and carbon dioxide as the main precursors of organic matter on Earth and in space

  title={Water and carbon dioxide as the main precursors of organic matter on Earth and in space},
  author={V. V. Goncharuk and O. V. Zui},
  journal={Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology},
  • V. Goncharuk, O. Zui
  • Published 19 March 2015
  • Physics
  • Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology
The article considers possible ways of the origin of organic matter from inorganic components on the planetary and space scales. A special attention is given to practical possibility of the synthesis of organic acids, amino acids, nucleic bases from carbon dioxide and water under the effects of ultraviolet radiation under conditions of the Earth and other celestial bodies. The obtained data make it possible to put forward the concept of the origin of life in the Universe based on the presence… 
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