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Water Propagation in the Porous Media, Self-Organized Criticality and Ising Model

  title={Water Propagation in the Porous Media, Self-Organized Criticality and Ising Model},
  author={M N Najafi and Mojtaba Ghaedi},
  journal={arXiv: Statistical Mechanics},
In this paper we propose the Ising model to study the propagation of water in 2 dimensional (2D) petroleum reservoir in which each bond between its pores has the probability $p$ of being activated. We analyze the water movement pattern in porous media described by Darcy equations by focusing on its geometrical objects. Using Schramm-Loewner evolution (SLE) technique we numerically show that at $p=p_c\simeq 0.59$, this model lies within the Ising universality class with the diffusivity parameter… 


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