Water Management: A Solution to Water Scarcity in Pakistan

  title={Water Management: A Solution to Water Scarcity in Pakistan},
  author={Bashir Ahmad},
  • B. Ahmad
  • Published 31 December 2011
  • Environmental Science
With the increase in population of our country and changing geo-political landscape, the available water resources are fast depleting. We also understand that without water, there can be no life as we see in this physical world. The solution lies in judicious usage of water and realization to preserve, which ultimately leads to superior management of this essential resource. This paper addresses the issues pertaining to water required for agriculture, drinking as well as for other purposes. The… Expand
An Engineering Perspective of Water Sharing Issues in Pakistan
Water sharing within the states/provinces of a country and cross-border is unavoidable. Conflicts between the sharing entities might turn more severe due to additional dependency on water, growingExpand
Reed Bed Technology and Recharging on Groundwater: Mitigating the climate effect of coastal areas
Reed Bed municipal treatment technique is introduced which will surely play an effective and actual role in climate change and environment. Knowledge and skills will expand to the other community andExpand
Climate Change Effects on Water Resources and Need of Dams in Pakistan
  • Tanveer Hussain, A. Basit, M. N. Javed
  • Environmental Science
  • Global Mass Communication Review
  • 2021
Climate change is a global phenomenon; its outcome affects societies around the world. Climate change has become the greatest severe issue of the 21st century. Climate change has a large influence onExpand
Water Footprint, Blue Water Scarcity, and Economic Water Productivity of Irrigated Crops in Peshawar Basin, Pakistan
Pakistan possesses the fourth largest irrigation network in the world, serving 20.2 million hectares of cultivated land. With an increasing irrigated area, Pakistan is short of freshwater resourcesExpand
Role and relevance of three enabling conditions to resolve inter-provincial water conflicts in the Indus basin within Pakistan
Addressing water access, allocation, and use becomes a complex problem when it crosses multiple boundaries: political, jurisdictional, and societal, as well as ecological, biogeochemical, andExpand
Contribution of changing precipitation and climatic oscillations in explaining variability of water extents of large reservoirs in Pakistan
A long-term significant decrease of 15–25% decade−1 in water extent is found for Tarbela as compared to 37–70% decade+1 for Mangla, mainly during March to June. Expand
A sustainable approach to reuse of treated domestic wastewater in construction incorporating admixtures
Abstract In this research, the effectiveness of treated domestic wastewater in the production of plain cement concrete with the addition of commonly used admixtures, was the main aspect underExpand
Optimised Design and Analysis of Solar Water Pumping Systems for Pakistani Conditions
This paper is about the optimized design and analysis of two solar water pumping systems in which one of the systems is designed with a battery bank and other with a cylindrical water tank for aExpand
Policy Input on Human Rights Issues by the Supreme Judiciary in Pakistan: Application of Stage Model of Public Policy
The researches have revealed the legislature as the policy or law-making body and the executive branch as the policy implementing body whereas the third pillar of the state, the judiciary, isExpand


Karez irrigation in Pakistan
Karez is an indigenous method of irrigation in which groundwater is tapped by a tunnel. After running for some distance the tunnel comes out in the open and the water is conducted to the commandExpand
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