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Water Conflict Between Syria and Turkey

  title={Water Conflict Between Syria and Turkey},
  author={Mahdi Nooruldeen Mnory},
  journal={Journal of Law, Policy and Globalization},
Water has come to the forefront as issue in relationships between the nations and countries of the Middle East recently. It also dominates a significant place on the plan of several international organizations. The diverse and conflicting nature of ethno-religious groups in the Middle East, which include Turks, Kurds and Arabs makes the controlling of the insufficient water resources a risky venture in diplomacy, and adds to the difficulty of reaching cooperation [1] . Water is important and… 


Water and Land Resources Development in Southeastern Turkey
Abstract The Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP), which was initiated in 1976 as a large-scale and multisectoral regional development project in Turkey, is a combination of 13 projects primarily for
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