Waste Polyolefins to Liquid Fuels via Pyrolysis: Review of Commercial State-of-the-Art and Recent Laboratory Research

  title={Waste Polyolefins to Liquid Fuels via Pyrolysis: Review of Commercial State-of-the-Art and Recent Laboratory Research},
  author={Eoin Butler and Ger Devlin and Kevin P. McDonnell},
  journal={Waste and Biomass Valorization},
With generation of waste plastics increasing, current EU legislation dictates high recovery rates and policy favours waste management technology choices that occupy a high position on the waste management hierarchy. Pyrolysis is a thermochemical conversion technology that can be considered a ‘feedstock recycling’ process and may play an increasing role in integrated waste management systems of the future. The objective of this article is to present a review of current state-of-the-art… Expand
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Catalytic transformation of waste polymers to fuel oil.
  • M. Keane
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • ChemSusChem
  • 2009
This Minireview considers the role of catalysis in waste polymer reprocessing and provides a critical overview of the existing waste plastic treatment technologies. Expand
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