Was the earliest documented account of tornado dynamics published by an Indian scientist in an Indian journal?

  title={Was the earliest documented account of tornado dynamics published by an Indian scientist in an Indian journal?},
  author={S. De and A. K. Sahai},
  • S. DeA. Sahai
  • Published 22 April 2019
  • Environmental Science
  • Weather
The first documented meteorological research in India was carried out by the British in the eighteenth century. Who, then, was the first native Indian to publish a paper on meteorology in an Indian journal? A paper entitled Note on a whirlwind at Pundooah by Chunder Sikur Chatterjee, included in the Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal in 1865, was probably the first paper published by a native Indian in an Indian journal, indicating that meteorology, as a subject of academic study, has… 



Typhoon-Associated Tornadoes in Japan and New Evidence of Suction Vortices in a Tornado near Tokyo(1)

Typhoon-associated tornadoes during a 22 year period, 1950-71, were investigated in relation to hurricane-associated tornadoes studied by Hill et al. (1966). It was found that most tornadoes of this

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A review of recent advances in tornado vortex dynamics

  • J. Snow
  • Environmental Science, Physics
  • 1982
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The Finley Affair: A Signal Event in the History of Forecast Verification

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Abstract In order to cover a wide range of horizontal dimensions of airflow, the author proposes a series of five scales, maso, meso, miso (to be read as my-so), moso and muso arranged in the order

Note on the New Brunswick Tornado, or water spout of 1835

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Note on a whirlwind at Pundooah

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