Was the Commentary on Virgil by Aelius Donatus Extant in the Ninth Century?

  title={Was the Commentary on Virgil by Aelius Donatus Extant in the Ninth Century?},
  author={J. J. Savage},
  journal={Classical Philology},
  pages={405 - 411}
SINCE 1880 when Thilo wrote the Preface to his edition of Servius,l scholars have come to accept as highly probable2 the conJ jecture which he ventured to make that the commentary of Aelius Donatus on Virgil was extant priore medii quod vocatur aevi parte.3 In support of this contention he cites a note on Aen. i. 179 in the wellknown codex of Virgil, Bernensis 165 (T): "Donatus dicit histeroproteron4 esse, id est ordinem permutatum. primum enim frangitur frumentum mola, deinde torretur, i… Expand
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