Was it good for you too?: An analysis of gender differences in oral sex practices and pleasure ratings among heterosexual Canadian university students

  title={Was it good for you too?: An analysis of gender differences in oral sex practices and pleasure ratings among heterosexual Canadian university students},
  author={Jessica Wood and Alexander McKay and Tina Komarnicky and Robin R Milhausen},
  journal={The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality},
  pages={21 - 29}
Oral sex has become a standard component of the heterosexual sexual script, though little is known about the level of pleasure men and women experience from giving and receiving oral sex and the extent to which relationship context is associated with levels of pleasure. The purpose of this study was to investigate gender differences in giving and receiving oral sex, and associations with pleasure experienced and partner type. Participants were 899 heterosexual university students who reported… 

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  • Brea L MalacadGretchen C. Hess
  • Psychology, Medicine
    The European journal of contraception & reproductive health care : the official journal of the European Society of Contraception
  • 2010
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