Was Safavid Iran an Empire

  title={Was Safavid Iran an Empire},
  author={R. Matthee},
  journal={Journal of The Economic and Social History of The Orient},
  • R. Matthee
  • Published 2009
  • Political Science
  • Journal of The Economic and Social History of The Orient
  • Th is paper examines the organizing ideological and infrastructural principles of the Safavid state structure and questions whether the Safavid state had the capacity and universality to qualify as an empire. Until now, the Safavid state has only been given equal status to the Ottoman and Mughal state as a “gunpowder empire”. But with this approach some other aspects tip the balance towards the cohesion and coherence that enabled the Safavid Empire to function as an empire in spite of exiguous… CONTINUE READING
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