Was Marcus Island discovered by Bernardo de la Torre in 1543?

  title={Was Marcus Island discovered by Bernardo de la Torre in 1543?},
  journal={The Journal of Pacific History},
  pages={109 - 122}
  • Published 1 June 2004
  • History
  • The Journal of Pacific History
In my article referring to Andrés de Arriola’s voyage in 1694/95, one of Erik Dahlgren’s identifications concerning a possible early sighting of Marcus Island is treated. Another of Dahlgren’s identifications concerning the possible discovery of Marcus Island by the Spanish navigator Bernardo de la Torre in 1543 requires a critical examination of that expedition’s sightings. The identity of de la Torre’s island sightings in the northwestern Pacific during his abortive attempt to reach New Spain… 

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    Lévesque tries to explain the 750 leguas as being the round-trip distance (Lévesque, History of Micronesia, I, 588, n. 2). for example

      Japanische Inseln, Kt. XX.4. On Meares's chart, which was printed in 1790, a Kendrick Island is not marked

      • Karte von dem nordwestlichen Theile des Grossen Oceans: nach der von Krusensternschen Original-Karte [aus dem Jahre 1805] reducirt' (Berlin 1811)

      Vancouver 1984); cf. Reported Dangers to Navigation in the Pacific Ocean, inclusive of the China and Japan Seas and the East India Archipelago

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      • Brazil, and the Interjacent Ports

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