Warring with Words : Narrative and Metaphor in Politics

  title={Warring with Words : Narrative and Metaphor in Politics},
  author={Michael Hanne and William D. Crano and Jeffery Scott Mio},

Walls block waves: Using an inundation metaphor of immigration predicts support for a border wall

From early 20th century headlines to presidential tweets, immigration is described frequently in terms of waves, floods, and tides. Although usage of this inundation metaphor has been widely

Contested Narratives of University Reform

The chapter traces a history of contestation over different ways of constructing a ‘problem’ with Danish universities, each presuming a different ‘solution’. The passing of the 2003 university law

Blumenberg: His Background and Influences

This chapter explores key aspects of Blumenberg’s life, career, and touches upon some important works and influences. Although it is unable to cover the entirety of Blumenberg’s extensive oeuvre, it