Warranty cost analysis for second-hand products

  title={Warranty cost analysis for second-hand products},
  author={Gopinath Chattopadhyay and D. N. Prabhakar Murthy},
  journal={Mathematical and Computer Modelling},
Used Second-Hand Product Warranty
The market for second-hand/used products is growing rapidly. The buyers are demanding warranties for items purchased from second-hand or used product market. In response to buyer’s demand, public
Warranty cost analysis for second-hand products using bivariate approach
This research aims to develop two stochastic models, based on the characterisation of the system failure and to compute the expected warranty cost for a second-hand product, when the products are
Two-Dimensional Warranty Cost Analysis for Second-Hand Products
In spite of the recent steady increase of the volume of the second-hand markets, often customers remain in doubt regarding the quality and durability of the second-hand products. Aiming to reduce and
Review of Long-Term warranty Policies
Various long-term warranty policies and mathematical models are reviewed for estimation of warranty servicing costs due to the uncertainties surrounding usage, preventive maintenance and warranty servicing strategies.
A large number of products are now being sold with long-term warranty policies. This is mainly due to fierce competition in the market and customer demand. Offering long term warranty results in
Cost Analysis for Used Products with Warranty and Preventive Repair
Technological advancement has paved way for a market for second-hand products. Owing to the uncertainty regarding the long-term performance of such products and extortionate product failure costs,
Optimal Post-Warranty Maintenance Strategy For The Second-Hand Product
It is shown that existence and uniqueness of the optimal maintenance period which minimizes the expected cost rate per unit time during the second-hand product’s life cycle from the user's perspective is shown.
Extended warranty pricing considering the time of money
Warranty usually plays an important role in providing customers with product assurance. Although the customers have to pay extra money to buy an extended warranty, they can obtain more protections
Modeling and analysis of effective ways for improving the reliability of second-hand products sold with warranty
Often, customers are uncertain about the performance and durability of the used/second-hand products. The warranties play an important role in reassuring the buyer. Offering the warranty implies that
Cost Optimization Model of Second-hand Product for Extended Non-renewing Replacement-repair Warranty
This paper proposes maintenance policy and length of maintenance period for second-hand products from the user’s perspective as a generalization of several existing maintenance models which can be obtained as special cases.


Product Warranty Handbook
Part 1 Introduction: warranties - concepts and classification historical perspective on warranty a framework for the study of warranty. Part 2 Warranty and law: warranty legislation warranty and the
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Two types of preventive maintenance policies are considered. A policy is defined to be optimum if it maximizes “limiting efficiency,” i.e., fractional amount of up-time over long intervals.