Warps and correlations with intrinsic parameters of galaxies in the visible and radio

  title={Warps and correlations with intrinsic parameters of galaxies in the visible and radio},
  author={Nieves Castro-Rodr{\'i}guez and Mart{\'i}n L{\'o}pez-Corredoira and M. L. S{\'a}nchez-Saavedra and Eduardo Battaner},
  journal={Astronomy and Astrophysics},
From a comparison of the dierent parameters of warped galaxies in the radio, and especially in the visible, we find that: a) No large galaxy (large mass or radius) has been found to have high amplitude in the warp, and there is no correlation of size/mass with the degree of asymmetry of the warp. b) The disc density and the ratio of dark to luminous mass show an opposing trend: smaller values give more asymmetric warps in the inner radii (optical warps) but show no correlation with the… 

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galaxy, warp amplitude in the west and east side of the galaxy, redshift, maximum rotation velocity, log(D25), H magnitude and distance. The references of each value

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