Warpage minimization of the HVQFN map mould

  title={Warpage minimization of the HVQFN map mould},
  author={J. Beijer and J. H. J. Janssen and H P Bressers and W. D. van Driel and K. M. B . Jansen and D. Yang and G. Q. Zhang},
  journal={EuroSimE 2005. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Thermal, Mechanial and Multi-Physics Simulation and Experiments in Micro-Electronics and Micro-Systems, 2005.},
A FEM model for the calculation of the HVQFN 100 warpage after moulding and post mould curing (PMC) was created. A viscoelastic model for the compound is required, since time and temperature history play a major role. In the production process the HVQFN 100 is forced to remain flat during PMC by applying of a dead weight. The good agreement between warpage measurments and FEM warpage results shows that fully cured viscoelastic compound properties can be used. Also adding curing shrinkage had… CONTINUE READING