Warning! Suctioning. A lung model evaluation of closed suctioning systems.

  title={Warning! Suctioning. A lung model evaluation of closed suctioning systems.},
  author={Ola Stenqvist and S Lindgren and Sigurbergur K{\'a}rason and S{\"o}ren S{\"o}ndergaard and Stefan Lundin},
  journal={Acta anaesthesiologica Scandinavica},
  volume={45 2},
BACKGROUND Closed system suctioning, CSS, has been advocated to avoid alveolar collapse. However, ventilator manufacturers indicate that extreme negative pressure levels can be obtained during closed system suctioning, impeding the performance of the ventilator. METHODS Suctioning with a 12 or 14 Fr catheter with a vacuum level of -50 kPa was either performed with an open technology or a CSS, where the catheter is introduced through a tight-fitting connection through the endotracheal tube… CONTINUE READING
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