Warfarin-flucloxacillin interaction presenting as cardioembolic ischemic stroke


Both warfarin and flucloxacillin are frequently prescribed medications which have the potential to have life threatening interactions. We describe a case of sub-therapeutic anticoagulation following a course of oral flucloxacillin, resulting in an ischemic stroke. A 68-year-old female on long term anti-coagulation for atrial fibrillation presented with an… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s00228-010-0802-9


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@article{Merwick2010WarfarinflucloxacillinIP, title={Warfarin-flucloxacillin interaction presenting as cardioembolic ischemic stroke}, author={{\'A} Merwick and Niamh Hannon and Peter J. Kelly and Killian Patrick O’Rourke}, journal={European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology}, year={2010}, volume={66}, pages={643-644} }