War and the Cultural Heritage of Iraq: a sadly mismanaged affair

  title={War and the Cultural Heritage of Iraq: a sadly mismanaged affair},
  author={J. Warren},
  journal={Third World Quarterly},
  pages={815 - 830}
  • J. Warren
  • Published 2005
  • Sociology
  • Third World Quarterly
  • The irony of the invasion and occupation of Iraq is that nations that believe they represent the acme of human progress have, by their own ignorance and incompetence, wreaked havoc in one of the oldest lands of human civilisation in response to a perceived threat that simply did not exist. With all the current rhetoric that the imposition of a Western model of reconstruction upon Iraq implies, it is useful to remind ourselves that Iraq has a cultural heritage that spans some 7000 years of… CONTINUE READING
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    Many other sites (at least 30) of less prominence but great importance have been reportedly left vulnerable if not pillaged
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    The clay tablet exhibiting the plan is illustrated in anon
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    where the crucial relationship between this pre-Islamic palace, the Taq-i-Khisra at Ctesiphon and subsequent Caliphal building is explored. See also KAC Creswell
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    Early Muslim Architecture; and Hillenbrand, Islamic Architecture
      Of the many accounts of the Round City, the supportive analysis of Herzfeld is set out in Creswell
        The national collection of ancient manuscripts and subsequent archives was burned early in the occupation
          There are divergent views on this period 1918 -24 when a new kingdom was hastily forged. King Faisal was crowned in Baghdad on 23
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