War And Politics in Ancient China, 2700 B.C. to 722 B.C.

  title={War And Politics in Ancient China, 2700 B.C. to 722 B.C.},
  author={C. Cioffi-Revilla and D. Lai},
  journal={Journal of Conflict Resolution},
  pages={467 - 494}
  • C. Cioffi-Revilla, D. Lai
  • Published 1995
  • Economics
  • Journal of Conflict Resolution
  • The authors report the first findings on the origins and evolution of war and politics in ancient China (Legendary, Xia [Hsia], Shang, and Western Zhou [Chou] periods), from ca. 2700 B.C. to 722 B.C. The main findings are as follows: (1) warfare in China began, at the latest, by 2193 B.C. (first historical Chinese civil war) or 2146 B.C. (first interstate war), more than 4,000 years ago, and has continued unabated; (2) warfare patterns varied significantly across periods but in measurable ways… CONTINUE READING
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