War, Modernity, and Motion in the Edison Films of 1898

  title={War, Modernity, and Motion in the Edison Films of 1898},
  author={Dylon Lamar Robbins},
  journal={Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies},
  pages={351 - 375}
  • D. Robbins
  • Published 3 July 2017
  • Art
  • Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies
This essay examines films created by the Edison Company of the US military campaign in the Caribbean in 1898 and their projection and reception in Vaudeville theaters and other similar venues in the larger urban areas of the US. Through an analysis of these films in regards to their production and reception contexts, it discusses relationships between entertainment, nationalism, and colonialism in this early cinema. Features foregrounding technology, production capacity, tourism, and military… 


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