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Wanderworten etymological format: a ‘hemp’ case study, starting from Votic and Baltofinnic

  title={Wanderworten etymological format: a ‘hemp’ case study, starting from Votic and Baltofinnic},
  author={Emanuele Ferdinando Barbera},
The main theme of this short paper will be the format of the etymological section of dictionaries for the Wanderworten. The case study will be provided by the etymology of the word for ‘hemp’ in the Baltofinnic languages, starting with the Votic kańevo, an entry that I have already dealt with in my VoEG. In the VoEG, I attempted to forge an intermediate structure (expounded in Barbera 2002; for a general introduction to VoEG cf. Barbera 2000) between the ample and circumstantiate formats, most… 
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