Wandering behavior and Alzheimer disease. The REAL.FR prospective study.

  title={Wandering behavior and Alzheimer disease. The REAL.FR prospective study.},
  author={Yves M Rolland and Sandrine Andrieu and Christelle Cantet and J Eileen Morley and David Thomas and Fati Nourhashemi and Bruno Vellas},
  journal={Alzheimer disease and associated disorders},
  volume={21 1},
We evaluated the predictive value of wandering behavior at baseline for nutritional status, disability, institutionalization, and mortality in 686 Alzheimer disease community-dwelling subjects enrolled in the prospective REAL.FR study, France. Wandering behavior was defined using the Neuro-Psychiatric Inventory. The Mini-Nutritional Assessment and Katz Activity of Daily Living (ADL) scale were administered every 6 months during the 2 years of the study. Dementia severity was assessed using the… CONTINUE READING


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