Wandering Ascetics of the Rāmānandī Sect

  title={Wandering Ascetics of the Rāmānandī Sect},
  author={Richard Burghart},
  journal={History of Religions},
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The Mahā Kumbh Melā in Allahabad 2013
Abstract The following article deals with the Mahā Kumbh Melā1 in Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh, northern India) and the practices of Hindu world renouncers2 during this festival. In 2013, the year under
Kumbha Mela
The circle of gift giving: a case study of female ‘lay ascetics’ and holy feasts in Haridwar, North India
This article investigates everyday practices of begging among female ‘lay ascetics’ in Haridwar, North India. The subject of female asceticism or renunciation in Hinduism has been far less examined
“Dharm is technology”: the theologizing of technology in the experimental Hinduism of renouncers in contemporary North India
This article advances a conceptual shift in the ways that scholars think and teach about the established categories of religion, renunciation, and the modern in religious studies, anthropology, and
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The unlikely emergence of the remote Himalayan valley of Kullu as a centre of devotional (bhakti) Vaishnavism c. 1650 has customarily been explained as the residual outcome of regional integration
Faith in the flesh: body and ascetic practices in a contemporary Japanese religious context
The religious practices that may be labelled “ascetic” are still alive and well in contemporary Japan, from the strict hardships undertaken by practitioners of various religious denominations to the
Beyond Brahmanical Asceticism: Recent and Emerging Models of Female Hindu Asceticisms in South Asia
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This essay traces the recent development of field-based research on contemporary women’s renunciation and points to fruitful areas for further work. While women renouncers have probably existed in
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ABSTRACT. Victor Turner's anthropological reading of pilgrimages in terms of communitas is of utmost relevance in the case of Hinduism: indeed, Hindu pilgrimages produce a relative and temporal