Walk this Way : implementation of Bme

  • Kálmán Kovács
  • Published 2012


Two years have passed since we were awarded the title of Research University and received the grant associated with it. It is now time to give an account of the plans we have successfully implemented and those we have not. From the outset, we set ourselves a definite goal to reposition BME in the eyes of its students, tutors, partners and all other parties who intend to draw on its services. We decided that this process should be part of the reform programme ”BME of the Future”. This research university programme was formulated by BME knowing that its scope of activities and competences make it a key factor for the competitiveness and sustainable development of Hungary. The university has unique competence centres in many fields, its detainment and development being of fundamental importance to Hungary’s interests. We are constantly striving to ensure that an ever increasing section of society regards our institution as a research university – playing a leading role in environmentally aware and human-oriented innovations in technology and the economy. To this end, we have given priority to the actions and processes aimed at the improvement of our RDI capacities. We have fine-tuned certain aspects of our management and organization; made efforts to improve the standards and efficiency of our training programmes; strengthened our professional relationships and increased the efficiency of our partnerships. Whilst we use numerous indicators to measure our progress, we continuously challenge what we are doing by asking such questions as: Are we going in the right direction? Is this in line with our social mission and responsibility? Does the educational and scientific performance of BME in 2012, sufficiently serve the interests of Hungary and its development programme? We are also deeply concerned about employment opportunities for our graduates and how satisfied their employers are and will be with their competences. We also need to know the opinions of our direct professional partners; about the expertise and RDI activities of BME associates; their use and effectiveness thereof in Hungary and at international level. We sincerely hope that, when looking at the results of the past two years, the majority of our partners will agree on one point: BME is on the right track and has effectively used the subsidy it has received to promote its objectives and goals. However, it may become impossible to maintain the level of efficiency we have achieved if funding opportunities for BME continue to dwindle, or cease permanently. The university could lose the management powers that earlier has ensured its freedom of action. We respectfully request our operator and all our partners, to utilise all means available to help maintain the support environment and keep BME – our principal national treasure – on its permanent upward development course, even in crisisladen periods. Finally, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to all my participating associates as well as the many people who have contributed to and continue to support the implementation of the research university programme of BME.

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