Wake up MEMS for inertial sensors

  title={Wake up MEMS for inertial sensors},
  author={Chris Stoeckel and Detlef Billep and Stefan Konietzka and Sven Zimmermann and Thomas Otto},
  journal={2015 IEEE International Symposium on Inertial Sensors and Systems (ISISS) Proceedings},
A piezoelectric MEMS with wake up function, Power down interrupt generator (PDIG), for inertial sensor systems is reported. The aluminum nitride based MEMS generates electric signals intrinsically in result of an inertial accelerations. The PDIG is optimized for maximum charge and voltage sensitivity. The charge sensitivity for a single electrode designed PDIG is measured with 40.1 pC/g and the maximum voltage sensitivity with 1.273 V/g. The device shows a high linearity and reproducibility… CONTINUE READING