[Waiting lists: case management and an alternative reimbursement paradigm].


Long-waiting lists to undergo preliminary medical examinations and treatments are a tough problem for western countries. Many actions and programs have been taken to offer more health services, which initially shortened the waiting lists. However, after this initial alleviation, the later demand for further diagnostic examinations inevitably creates subsequent increases in diagnostic service waiting times. In this article the authors suggest some solutions to manage this problem: creating organized procedures for case management, homogeneous waiting-list reporting systems, outpatient procedures for white triage and diagnostic services opening overtime during non-working days. An alternative form of reimbursement is also suggested.

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@article{Scanzano2003WaitingLC, title={[Waiting lists: case management and an alternative reimbursement paradigm].}, author={Pietro Scanzano and Luca Casertano and Giovanni Caracci and Gabriella Guasticchi and Franco Splendori}, journal={Igiene e sanità pubblica}, year={2003}, volume={59 6}, pages={393-412} }