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Waiting for the Rain

  title={Waiting for the Rain},
  author={Sheila C. Gordon},
Turmoil and Unrest
This chapter begins with a discussion of works which depict the unrest prevalent in the 1970s and 1980s, specifically with regard to the student protests of the period. The events of 1976, in
Nudity, Clothing and Cultural Identity in Some South African Children's Books
South African children's stories written by white writers often draw attention to the customary nudity or near-nudity of children. They also depict children assuming the dress of another culture,
Engendering equality: From writer to reader
Abstract This paper is a personal exploration by a children's writer and educationalist of (a) the transaction that takes place between writer and reader in the creation and reading of a text; (b)
The Good and the Bad: Two Novels of South Africa