Waders in winter: long-term changes of migratory bird assemblages facing climate change.

  title={Waders in winter: long-term changes of migratory bird assemblages facing climate change.},
  author={Laurent Godet and Mika{\"e}l Jaffr{\'e} and Vincent Devictor},
  journal={Biology letters},
  volume={7 5},
Effects of climate change on species occupying distinct areas during their life cycle are still unclear. Moreover, although effects of climate change have widely been studied at the species level, less is known about community responses. Here, we test whether and how the composition of wader (Charadrii) assemblages, breeding in high latitude and wintering from Europe to Africa, is affected by climate change over 33 years. We calculated the temporal trend in the community temperature index (CTI… CONTINUE READING

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