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  author={S. Tomaszewski and Ilgaz U. Celik and G. Antoniou},
  journal={International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science},
In this paper a Boolean minimization algorithm is considered and implemented as an applet in Java. The application is based on the Quine-McCluskey simplification technique with some modifications. The given application can be accessed on line since it is posted on the World Wide Web (WWW), with up to four variables, at the URL antoniou/bs. After extensive testing, the performance of the algorithm has been found to be excellent. The proposed application is a useful… Expand
PDA-based Boolean Function Simplification: a Useful Educational Tool
The algorithm follows the Karnaugh map looping approach and provides optimal results and can be used by students and professors in the fields of electrical and computer engineering and computer science. Expand
Investigation on Quine McCluskey method: A decimal manipulation based novel approach for the minimization of Boolean function
A simpler approach to minimize logical functions is introduced which will be followed by prime implicant chart as in the Q-M method to reduce the possibility of occurring an error. Expand
A useful educational tool is presented for minimizing low order Boolean expressions by following the Karnaugh map looping approach and the overall implementation was used on the Embedded Visual C++ 3.0 Pocket PC using Windows CE operating system. Expand
Heuristic Set-Covering-Based Postprocessing for Improving the Quine-McCluskey Method
This work focuses on interpretation of the result of the Quine-McCluskey method and shows that it represents a set covering problem that, unfortunately, is an NP-hard combinatorial problem that must be solved by heuristic or approximation methods. Expand
A new technique for realization of Boolean functions
A powerful solution for realization of complex functions is given by using modular neural nets that divide the input space into several homogenous regions and applied to implement XOR functions, 16 logic function on one bit level, and 2-bit digital multiplier. Expand
Adapted parallel quine-McCluskey algorithm using GPGPU
This paper deals with parallelization of the Quine-McCluskey algorithm, a method used for minimization of boolean functions, which is NP-hard and run-time of the algorithm grows exponentially with the number of variables. Expand
Fast Karnough map for simplification of complex Boolean functions
In this paper a new fast simplification method is presented. Such method realizes karnough map with large number of variables. In order to accelerate the operation of the proposed method, a newExpand
A novel method to simplify Boolean functions
This paper presents a method which depends on maxterms ( minterms of the complement of the function) for the determination of prime implicants of a Boolean function, and shows that all prime implicates can be obtained from any sum of products form. Expand
Compact Binary Tree Representation of Logic Function with Enhanced Throughput
Though the proposal is technology independent, the heuristic enables better optimization in throughput even after technology mapping for such Boolean functionality; whose reduced CNF form is associated with a lesser literal cost than its reduced DNF form at the Boolean equation level. Expand
Modified Quine-McCluskey Method
This paper proposes E-sum based optimization to Quine-McCluskey Method to increase its performance by reducing number of comparisons between mintermlist in determination of prime implicants. Expand


Statistical Complexity of Algorithms for Boolean Function Minimization
Formulas are given for the average number of comparison operations among k-cubes occurring in Quine's method and in Mc-Cluskey's method to provide indications of the average execution time of computer programs based on the corresponding algorithms. Expand
Minimization of Boolean Functions
  • N. Biswas
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Computers
  • 1971
A tabular method where the essential prime implicants are selected during the process of forming the combination tables, and other essential terms are selected from what have been described in the note as chains of selective prime implICants. Expand
Average Values of Quantities Appearing in Boolean Function Minimization
In connection with the problem of two-level minimization of Boolean functions, the formulas which give the following quantities of statistical interest are obtained: average numbers of k cubes, prime k cubes and essential k cubes of a Boolean function. Expand
The complexity of Boolean functions
This chapter discusses Circuits and other Non-Uniform Computation Methods vs. Turing Machines and other Uniform Computation Models, and the Design of Efficient Circuits for Some Fundamental Functions. Expand
Contemporary Logic Design
The text introduces readers to a wide range of software tools, including schematic capture, logic simulation and Boolean minimization, and demonstrates how they fit into the hardware design process and encourages hands-on experimentation with software tools such as LogicWorks to bolster the reader's understanding of practical design methods. Expand
Sets of independent postulates for the algebra of logic
, The algebra of symbolic logic, as developed by LEIBNIz, BOOLE, C. S. PEIRCE, E. SCHR6DER, and others, t is described by WHITEHEAD as "the only known member of the non-numerical genus of universalExpand
The map method for synthesis of combinational logic circuits
  • M. Karnaugh
  • Mathematics
  • Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Part I: Communication and Electronics
  • 1953
THE SEARCH for simple abstract techniques to be applied to the design of switching systems is still, despite some recent advances, in its early stages. The problem in this area which has beenExpand
A symbolic analysis of relay and switching circuits
  • C. Shannon
  • Computer Science
  • Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers
  • 1938
It will be shown that several of the well-known theorems on impedance networks have roughly analogous theorem in relay circuits, including the delta-wye and star-mesh transformations, and the duality theorem. Expand
The Problem of Simplifying Truth Functions
The Problem of Simplifying Truth Functions is concerned with the problem of reducing the number of operations on a graph to a simple number. Expand