WT1-mediated transcriptional activation is inhibited by dominant negative mutant proteins.

  title={WT1-mediated transcriptional activation is inhibited by dominant negative mutant proteins.},
  author={J. Ravindra Reddy and James C Morris and Jiannan Wang and Milton A English and Daniel A. Haber and Yigong Shi and Jonathan D Licht},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={270 18},
The WT1 tumor suppressor gene encodes four isoforms of a zinc finger transcription factor with both activation and repression functions which are dependent upon promoter architecture. Using a simple HSV-tk promoter containing 5'-Egr-1/WT1-binding sites, we found that WT1 isoforms (A) and (B) strongly activated transcription. WT1(A) and (B) bound equally well to the Egr-1/WT1-binding site, but WT1(B), which contains a 17 amino acid insertion compared to WT1(A), was a consistently stronger… CONTINUE READING
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