WSN-based intelligent visual performance management in tropical buildings


This paper presents a prototypical implementation of WSN-based daylight-responsive lighting and shading systems control in buildings that utilizes real-time sensing. This system can control the position of window blinds and the states of the luminaires to achieve the desirable visual comfort and energy efficiency based on the weather conditions and occupant activities. We first present the system architecture. Subsequently, the prototypical implementation is demonstrated. The outcome of this effort is expected to further articulate the system functionality and control algorithm towards implementations in real-life built environments.

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@article{Chan2014WSNbasedIV, title={WSN-based intelligent visual performance management in tropical buildings}, author={Yiu Wing Edwin Chan and Szu-Cheng Chien and Boon-Hee Soong and King Jet Tseng}, journal={2014 International Conference on Intelligent Green Building and Smart Grid (IGBSG)}, year={2014}, pages={1-4} }