title={WOMEN'S WORK},
  author={Laurie J Ouellette and Julie A Wilson},
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This essay raises the possibility that participation in convergence culture may not enhance women's recreational pleasures, much less prepare them for public forms of political activity. Taking the Dr. Phil multimedia self-help franchise as a case study, we argue that women's ‘interactivity’ can be mobilized as a gendered requirement of neoliberal citizenship, that is, an ongoing, mundane regimen of self-empowerment that does not intensify the pleasure of the text as much as it intensifies and… 
Female Fashion as Leisure and Labor on Reddit
This paper examines a vibrant online community called Female Fashion Advice, which exemplifies convergence culture because its members both produce and consume its content. This large subreddit
Love, labour, lost: creative class mobility, stories of loss, negative affects
ABSTRACT Creative class workers are highly mobile, yet the struggles, disruptions and inequalities that emerge in their new, trans-local, experiential geographies are usually erased in the upbeat,
New Pathways into Creative Work?
The experience of aspiring creative workers contrasts sharply with Paul Willis’s classic account of entry to working life from almost half a century ago, in his book, Learning to labour (1977).
Spark Joy? Compulsory Happiness and the Feminist Politics of Decluttering
This essay analyzes the Marie Kondo brand as a set of neoliberal techniques for managing cultural anxieties around over-consumption, clutter and the family. Drawing from critical discussions of
#MeToo and the Politics of Collective Healing: Emotional Connection as Contestation
Participants in the #MeToo movement on Twitter expressed emotions like rage, pain, and solidarity in their personal accounts of sexual violence. This article explores the digital circulation of these
Precariously Mobile: Tensions between the Local and the Global in Higher Education Approaches to Cultural Work
As noted by Oakley in a previous chapter, a key issue underpinning the growth of cultural work and creative industries training in higher education (HE) is the surplus of creative workers being
From Produsers to Shareaholics: Changing Models of Reader Interaction in Women’s Online Magazines
Women’s online magazines have been constantly proliferating and increasingly supplanting print publications. Contributing to their success, these sites offer similar content free of change and
Digital feminisms: transnational activism in German protest cultures
Abstract This Introduction provides the context for the articles in this special issue and identifies a set of reoccurring themes. After offering some historical background on the developments of
Working it: the professionalization of amateurism in digital adult entertainment
Abstract This article examines a sector of professional amateur work for women in the digital industry for adult entertainment known as “adult webcam modeling” (AWM). Through a selection of
Fiercely Real?: Tyra Banks and the making of new media celebrity
This paper will examine former supermodel Tyra Banks as a contemporary “celebrity entrepreneur,” focusing on Banks' recent shift from television persona to multimedia icon within a neoliberal popular


This article explores contemporary self-help literature as a strategy for enlisting subjects in the pursuit of self-improvement and autonomy. Appropriating democratic liberalism's and
The Policing of Families
In "The Policing of Families", Jacques Donzelot, a student and colleague of Michel Foucault, offers an account of public intervention in the regulation of family affairs since the 18th century,
Liberal government and techniques of the self
The introduction of the theme of government into Michel Foucault's later work opens up a rich domain of research. Aspects of this theme are considered with reference to Foucault's analysis of early
The Twilight of Equality? Neoliberalism, Cultural Politics and the Attack on Democracy
Purpose – To explore the experience of a key member of the UK equalities policy‐making elite, interrogating her shift from activist to top‐ranking equalities professional. To focus attention
Better Living Through Reality TV: Television and Post-Welfare Citizenship
List of Illustrations. Introduction. 1. Charity TV: Privatizing Care, Mobilizing Compassion. 2. TV Interventions: Personal Responsibility and Techniques of the Self. 3 Makeover TV: Labors of
The Foucault Effect: Studies in Governmentality
Governmental rationality - an introduction, Colin Gordon politics and the study of discourse, Michel Foucault questions of method, Michel Foucault governmentality, Michel Foucault theatrum politicum
Beyond the Public/Private Division: Law, Power and the Family
Over the past ten years, the intellectual machinery which radical social analysts have used to produce political intelligibility has begun to fall apart. Faced with the inadequacies of most social
Free Labor: Producing Culture for the Digital Economy
Working in the digital media industry is not as much fun as it is made out to be. The “NetSlaves” of the eponymous Webzine are becoming increasingly vociferous about the shamelessly exploitative
The Twilight of Equality?: Neoliberalism, Cultural Politics, and the Attack on Democracy
By now, we've all heard about the shocking redistribution of wealth that's occurred during the last thirty years, and particularly during the last decade. But economic changes like this The cultural
The Aftermath of Feminism: Gender, Culture and Social Change
Review(s) of: The Aftermath of Feminism: Gender, Culture and Social Change, by McRobbie, Angela, Sage, London, 2009, ISBN 9 7807 6197 0620, vi + 184 pp., A$49.95, Distributor: Footprint Books.