WNT5A inhibits human dental papilla cell proliferation and migration.

  title={WNT5A inhibits human dental papilla cell proliferation and migration.},
  author={Liming Peng and L Ye and Guanglong Dong and Lian Ren and C L Wang and Peng Xu and Xue Dong Zhou},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={390 3},
WNT proteins are a large family of cysteine-rich secreted molecules that are linked to both canonical and non-canonical signal pathways, and have been implicated in oncogenesis and tissue development. Canonical WNT proteins have been proven to play critical roles in tooth development, while little is known about the role of non-canonical WNT proteins such as WNT5A. In this study, WNT5A was localized to human dental papilla tissue and human dental papilla cells (HDPCs) cultured in vitro, using… CONTINUE READING