WLP 2014 28 th Workshop on ( Constraint ) Logic Programming


A novel argumentation semantics of defeasible logic programs (DeLP) is presented. Our goal is to build a semantics, which respects existing semantics and intuitions of “classical” logic programming. Generalized logic programs (GLP) are selected as an appropriate formalism for studying both undermining and rebutting. Our argumentation semantics is based on a notion of conflict resolution strategy (CRS), in order to achieve an extended flexibility and generality. Our argumentation semantics is defined in the frame of assumption-based framework (ABF), which enables a unified view on different non-monotonic formalisms. We present an embedding of DeLP into an instance of ABF. Consequently, argumentation semantics defined for ABF are applicable to DeLP. Finally, DeLP with CRS is embedded into GLP. This transformation enables to commute argumentation semantics of a DeLP via semantics of the corresponding GLP.

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