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WLAN ( IEEE 802 . 11 B ) and WMAN ( 802 . 16 A ) Broadband Wireless Access : when opportunities drive solutions

  title={WLAN ( IEEE 802 . 11 B ) and WMAN ( 802 . 16 A ) Broadband Wireless Access : when opportunities drive solutions},
  author={A. Escudero-Pascual}
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE) approved in 1997 the Standard 802.11, followed by Standard 802.11b in 1999. Although the standards were intended for indoor wireless local area networks (WLAN), it took very little time to see WLAN-based products in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint outdoor solutions. The WLAN opportunity and its potencial benefits drove vendors and users to find innovative approaches to overcome the IEEE 802.11b native problems in outdoor… 
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Determining the best network to handover among various IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.16 networks by a mobile device
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Various parameters that such a mobile device needs to consider, methods to obtain them and an algorithm to determine the best network to handover in an environment that contains many 802.16 and 802.11 networks are discussed.
An initial assessment of cooperative action in Wi-Fi networking
Abstract In the development of past infrastructures, cooperative and amateur action has been a vehicle for diffusion, experimentation, innovation, popularization, and the provision of new features or


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